DAB Deutsche Agrar Boden advises farmers on upgrading their operating areas - even without capital investment - as well as on alternative methods of raising capital.

Pragmatic solutions for agriculture

Traditional bank financing is not always the best option for the agricultural industry. DAB has extensive experience in innovative methods of corporate financing tailored to the needs of the agricultural sector.

Together with farmers, DAB develops strategies to secure their business or to expand the size of their operations. DAB also provides assistance in identifying suitable partners.

Our advice always focuses on providing practical solutions. DAB has access to financially strong investors seeking long-term partnerships with farmers.

The portfolio of models developed by DAB also includes passive investments, which do not entail any interruptions to ongoing farming operations. Here, the skills and specialised knowledge of the farmer represent key investment criteria.

Investment based on trends and developments

DAB always has an eye on developments and trends in agriculture. The trend towards regionalism in particular and the growing demand for organically produced foods provide excellent opportunities for cooperation with the food industry.

Necessary investments in the environmentally-friendly cultivation of land and the high standards demanded by customers (foodstuff traders or processors) in terms of quality, storage and packaging of goods mean farmers today need to have significant amounts of capital at their disposal.

Here, too, DAB provides access to suitable long-term partners and creates the ideal cooperation model in close collaboration with all those involved.

Development of succession solutions

DAB’s advisory portfolio also encompasses the development of medium- and long-term succession models, to permit a phased retirement for farmers in the short- medium- or long-term. Of course, the value they have created in their business needs to be maintained.